Our Membership Format

We have been experimenting with our posting format and have settled on a 30 day rotation for sets with a core group of photos that will never expire. We decided doing it this way  would be most like a magazine subscription. We add one update every day that will stay up for thirty days and then expire.

Lycra Pavel (who runs several websites) made a good point that we agree with and is the main reason for this change. Someone who joins on a 30 day recurring membership and pays every month gets less value for their money than someone who joins once a year, or even five years down the road and has access to the same content that the other person has paid monthly for. Now you get exactly what you pay for. An update for everyday of your subscription. You join for a month you get 30 updates. You join for a year you get 365 updates. We think that is the best way to make it fair to all of our supporters and give them their money’s worth.

So that is how we now run our site.  An update for everyday of your membership.



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