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Hi there! Today I received an email about our recent updates using content that we acquired from IPI (pantyhoseaddict.com). The email wanted to know why we were recycling “old pantyhose addict” content.

Well I sent the email to Tony and he wrote what I thought was a pretty good response and decided to make it an open letter to all of you out there who might be wondering the same thing. I also wanted to ask you your opinion on the matter and see what you thought so I have started a new poll here at the bottom of the page.

Read our open letter below then take the poll at the bottom and let us know your thoughts on the issue. We really do care and want to make sure you are happy with what we are offering here at Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion.

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An Open Letter To Our Viewers:


Thank you for stopping by our site. I tried to look up an account for your email address but couldn’t find one so I assume you are a frequent visitor that has been watching our site from outside. I hope my answer will help you understand the reasoning behind our content publication decisions and maybe inspire you to help support our site in the future. Without the support of our viewing public we wouldn’t be doing this to begin with and we wouldn’t be having this discussion LOL.

Despite your assertion that our recent updates have been recycled content, the facts are that 13 out of the last 15 updates are new original content produced by Dawn and I (or in the case of HeathersPantyhose.com Heather and her hubby). Only two updates have been content we acquired from IPI. That said the content we posted (and other content we will be posting produced by IPI in the future) is no longer available on pantyhoseaddict.com. So if a viewer who liked the sets in the past on pantyhoseaddict.com and wants to view it again they can get it from us. We currently plan on using the IPI content as filler once a week, so in the future the ratio will be more like 4 out of 5 updates will be original DDAF content.

Since Izzy retired from modeling IPI has decided to remove some of their older content from the site and start recycling the content in the future to keep the site going. They have changed their business model and I have no inside knowledge that I could share on that decision. Though I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that every day new people come to the Internet who have never seen the content and who consider it new (part of the reason we decided to acquire some of their old content).Many sites have operated that way for years.Things have changed now that a lot of the direct competitors are out of business or have changed the way they operate and so we are adapting to the new era of site operations. As to our decision here at DDAF, well there are many reasons.

First and foremost is the fact that we have been doing this for over 10 years now and most of the models we started with are now retired, moved on, married or otherwise “out of action”, if you know what I mean. So we don’t have the active model pool we used to have. Living in the mid-west bible belt makes it difficult to find decent professional models who work for the rates we can afford to offer.

The second reason is that, despite popular opinion, the days of making a ton of money running a “mom and pop” website are long gone. We struggle just to keep the site paid for from the membership fees we collect. Most people just leech their daily porn content from the wide variety of free sources rather than pay for a membership to a website.

This compounds the first problem greatly and makes paying for new models impossible until people start spending the money in membership fees to pay them again. Only two or three of our models ever modeled for free in the past and they are no longer posing for the site. We have tossed around the idea of raising membership fees or even taking donations to hire new models but nothing has really been decided yet. One thing is for certain, revenue has to increase in order to hire “new” models for the site.

The third reason is that even though you and many others have seen the content in the past there are more new people coming to the Internet everyday that have never seen the content and since it was removed would never have seen it. As time goes by there are more who have not seen the content than have seen it in the past. So if the removed content is held in storage long enough, it becomes new again for a new generation of viewers. It’s the Disney effect. Every generation there are new people who have never seen a movie so they re-release it and sell a ton.

I am going to end with a fourth reason, though there are many more, because I don’t want to spend a long time on this email. The fourth reason is that we want to update the site five days a week.

It was easy to do when we had 16 active models and made the money to support them. Dawn is the only model we don’t have to pay a modeling fee to and her time is limited. As a matter of fact both of us have very limited time now. Our kids are now too old to hide our work from easily which definitely cuts into production time. This isn’t the kind of job you can do with the kids and their friends roaming around the house.

So we make do with the time we have and produce as much content as we can when we can. That means we can not update with Dawn three or four days every week and we do not have new models to update with. We could leave out the extra sets and only update the site once or twice a week but I think the member’s would rather have something than nothing. So that leaves us where we are now. I think it is the best possible option in my opinion.

I may be wrong about that but that was my thinking. I may have Dawn put that question on her blog as a poll and see how other’s feel about it since in the end it is the buying public that counts. What do you think personally? Should we just drop the updates to once or twice a week and make our original content last, or post “filler” content in between sets? What makes the most sense to you as a viewer?

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter and I hope I have explained our position clearly,

Tony D.


So there you have it. What do you think? Take the poll below to let us know.

Should we use "filler" content to continue our update schedule or drop to one or two updates each week?

  • Yes, I would rather have something than nothing. (76%, 25 Votes)
  • No, I just want new content even if it is only once or twice a week. (12%, 4 Votes)
  • No, I would rather pay more in membership fees and have more new models and exclusive content. (9%, 3 Votes)
  • No, I would be willing to donate money to hire new models and make up the difference. (3%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 33

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