About Me

Dawn Desire stuffing pantyhose

I am Dawn Desire and I have a passion for pantyhose

I am Dawn Desire and I LOVE pantyhose! I am one of those rare girls who actually love pantyhose. I feel naked without them. My husband and I both share the fetish and decided to start my website DawnDesire.com to help spread our love of pantyhose around the world. Since its humble beginnings nearly 10 years ago we have grown to be one of the largest pantyhose fetish sites on the Internet with over 170,000 images in our galleries and over 300 videos… All dedicated to our love of pantyhose. And this isn’t some site run by people who don’t know a gusset from a hole in the crotch… Tony and I absolutely LIVE the pantyhose fetish lifestyle and we are driven to make this the number one site for everyone who loves to see sexy ladies in pantyhose and heels.

So you want to hear more about me I guess LOL…

Well, I love to show off and tease guys and girls. Yes, I am also bi-sexual. I have loved both men and woman since I was very little. I think most people would call me a “slut” like it is a bad thing, but I am not offended. I am a pantyhose loving slut, but I remain faithful to my husband. We occasionally have sex with other men and women but we are not really what I consider swingers though I think some people may think we are just that. We just use the sex as¬†foreplay¬†for romps between Tony and I. We never do it without each other. I don’t care what you call it all I know is that we have a lot of phun and that is all that really matters.

I do wear pantyhose most all day everyday even when it is nearly 100 degrees outside LOL. I just put them on with my shorts. My favorite pairs of pantyhose are the soft and silky kinds from Pretty Polly and Aristoc in suntan or coffee tones. I also wear Legg’s Sheer Energy or Hanes Silk Reflections day to day because they are durable and inexpensive. I sometimes love to stuff my pantyhose in my pussy before I wear them… I don’t know it is just a kink of mine I guess. I think it is because I know I did it and it makes me hot to be naughty :) It is something that really turns me on. That is why I love to flash and tease too. I love to get guys flustered and tongue tied when they are talking to me and a good upskirt has been known to make many a man and even a few women lose their train of thought when I am sitting across from them. Especially in seamless or a pair of pantyhose that have no cotton panel to cover my hot pussy.

Well I guess that is all for now. I will update this area from time to time as I think of something interesting to add. I hope you enjoy this part of my site and if you do please help support the continued growth of my Pantyhose Passion and my chain of websites by purchasing a membership. Without your memberships we could not keep this site going. We really appreciate the continued support over the years and look forward to serving you even more hot pantyhose content in the future.


Dawn Desire XOXOXO