Buxom blonde school girl in black sheer to waist pantyhose (pics)


Hello my favorite pantyhose lover. How has your week been? Well mine involved more travel for work but it is always phun getting to see new places and spread my pantyhose passion on the road :) That said, I can not wait to get back home next week LOL. Until then though I guess I will have to just play with you here from my hotel room. Either way we get to have our pantyhose passion together so let’s see what we can get into today…

Cum teach this hot school girl slut a lesson today.

Cum teach this hot school girl slut a lesson today.

Today the always sexy milf Amber Lee joins us once again. I know I said I would post her pics last week, but I wanted to put up that set of Celeste and then I had that outfit on that I wanted to share with you on Friday so I put her off until today. I know you will forgive me :)

In this set Amber is playing the slutty school girl who is looking for a good time. How would you like to take this buxom blonde out for a night of pantyhose passion and see just how good Amber is at being bad? Well then click here and see all of Amber’s sexy sets today.

That’s all for this week baby. Have a great weekend and I will be back next week to share even more of my pantyhose passion with you starting with a set from the the lovely Isabella and finishing off with more of yours truly. Until then remember… Bare legs suck! It’s all about the pantyhose baby! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO


Sexy black control top pantyhose (pics)


Good morning my pantyhose lover. How has your weekend? I had a great time on Easter Sunday. Spent the day with family and friends, and just relaxed in general. Well enough of the chit chat I am sure you are as eager as I am to get our pantyhose passion going. Let’s see what I have for you today shall we?

Celeste looks amazing as she strips down to her pantyhose for you

Celeste looks amazing as she strips down to her pantyhose for you

Today the uber sexy Celeste is back again to show off her sexy legs encased in silky, stretchy nylon. Celeste is wearing a turquoise top, a cute denim miniskirt, a pair of sexy peep toe pumps and a pair of sexy, black control top pantyhose. This hot hosed honey is just waiting to share her pantyhose passion with you. Are you ready to join her? Then click here and check out all of her hot pics today.

Well that’s all for today. Be sure to stop back in on Friday to check out my latest set. I can’t wait to play with you then. Have a great day and I will see you soon. Muah — Dawn Desire XOXOXO


Putting on a pair of faux stocking pantyhose and getting dressed (pics)


Watch this hot hosed honey put on her pantyhose for your pleasure.

Watch this hot hosed honey put on her pantyhose for your pleasure.

Hi honey. Hate to rush, but as you may be aware there is a tragedy unfolding in Boston and my family is glued to the TV. So I have to get back down to them as quickly as I can. So with out further delay…

Today Arial is back today to share her pantyhose passion with us. In this set she is putting on a pair of faux stocking pantyhose and then getting dressed for the day while you watch. If you love watching a woman get herself ready for you then you are going to love this set. Click here to see this entire set today.

Well that’s it for now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the fine people of Boston and everyone affected by this event. Stay strong and know that we as Americans can take all the terrorist acts that these people can dish out and bounce right back with a vengeance. Much love and pantyhose to you all. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

Tootsie Tuesday – Sexy toes and soles in black tights (pics)


Come let me show you just how soft these tights are.

It’s Tootsie Tuesday and you know what that means. It is time for another FootCharms update for all of the lovers of pantyhose feet.

Today I am wearing a pair of black Hane’s tights to share my sexy size sixes. These tights are silky soft and I know you are going to love the way they feel against your throbbing cock. I can’t wait for you to slip your hot rod in between my soft soles and let me give you a foot job you won’t forget. Click here to see all of the hot pictures in this set today.

That’s it for today. Be sure you stop back in tomorrow for my Pantyhose Passion update. Have a great day and I will see you then — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

Flashing in shiny pantyhose, short shorts and heels


Good morning baby! It is Monday and it is time to start off another week of hot pantyhose updates with a brand new set from yours truly. Are you ready? I know I am.

Dawn Desire wearing shorts heels and hose in public

I love to show off my pantyhose pussy in public.

In this set I am out at the park around an old bunk house that I think will make a great place to show off my pantyhose pussy for you. We were driving around the park when Tony noticed the old driveway and decided to go have a look to see what was back there. We had heard about this place from Adrianna’s husband years ago but had never been up there.

I am wearing a white top, a pair of tan shorts, a pair of tan peep toe pumps and a pair of super shiny suntan sheer to waist pantyhose. I get out and before long I am lifting up my shirt and pulling down my shorts so that all of my tasty bits are exposed for your viewing pleasure. Want to play with me. I don’t think anyone will see us up here. Go ahead and get your cock out for me and I will squat down here and suck you off right here in the woods. Mmmm… that is very nice. Click here to see all of the pictures in this set and to share my pantyhose passion today.

For more hot pantyhose pics follow my Pantyhose Passion Photo Blog and my Twitter account @DawnDesire. I post a lot of my candid day to day shots there. And if you want to have a pair of my dirty pantyhose for your own pleasure be sure to stop by my online store today and get yourself a pair. You can also have me cum all over them for you or even stuff them up my wet pussy and cream them if you would like. Just go to the site, order a pair of my pantyhose and then tell me what you want me to do. Mmmmm… that is always a lot of fun.

Well that is it for today. See you later in the week with another set from Katrina and then a new video on Friday. Have a phantastic day! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Wicked Wednesday: Pantyhose flashing at the park (pics)


Dawn Desire flashing her pantyhose pussy shiny suntan pantyhose

I love turning on guys when I flash my pussy in public places.

Hello baby! Are you ready for lunch of hot pantyhose passion? Well I am ready dish up my hot pantyhose pussy if you are ready to give me a load of hot cum in return. I think that would be a great lunch don’t you? Well let’s get down to it and check out today’s update.

In this update I am out at the park showing off my sexy shiny suntan pantyhose in a short denim miniskirt, a cute striped top and a pair of sexy cork wedges. The park wasn’t too busy but there were a lot of grounds crew and a cleaning service working around the building we were standing outside. This is the same place I was at when I shot the video from last week. The pictures came before the video and I had just started showing off. The guy cleaning the carpet got a real good show and it made me really hot. Click here to see all the pics in this hot flashing set.

Well that is it for now. I will be posting more candid pics today on my Pantyhose Passion Photo Blog and on my Twitter account so keep your cock ready for those :) Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow with another hot update from the lovely Heather Longing and her sexy pantyhose. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Wicked Wednesday: The latest in pantyhose office attire (pics)


Well it’s Wicked Wednesday here at Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion. Tony and I are going to go out and shoot a video today for Friday’s update. We didn’t get a chance to shoot outdoor pictures for today’s update though instead we shot a set showing what I like to wear around the office. If you read the dress code from Monday’s update then you know what I am talking about. :)


Dawn shows off her office attire nothing but heels hose and a blazer

Would you like to cum to work with me?

So what do you think? Would you enjoy working in an office with me. I know I get all of Tony’s attention LOL. A nice conservative blazer, sexy Leggs Sheer Energy sheet to waist pantyhose in suntan and a pair of dark brown classic pumps, and that’s it. No bra, no panties, no skirt, no top. I know what your thinking. “How do they expect to get any real work done? I would be all over her in a second.” Well when your work is pantyhose sex then you being all over me is just part of the job LOL. That is “real” work in my office. Well as long as the camera is rolling :) Click here to see all of the pics in this sexy set today.

That is it for now. I have to go get ready to go. I will think about you today while I am shooting. Are you going to think about me shooting for you? I hope so. Be sure to stop back in on Friday and catch the latest HD pantyhose video. I know it is going to be hot. Have a great day!— Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Jamie Quinn pantyhose slut suntan control top Leggs Sheer Energy

Jamie Quinn is the latest in our collection of hosed honeys. Check out her latest update today.

Good morning lover! Did you have a good weekend? I had a great time. I partied in my pantyhose on Friday night, went to a friends house warming on Saturday and spent Sunday with my family. If you follow my Photo Blog or Twitter account you got a little taste of how I spent my weekend. I had a blast! Now it is time to buckle down and get back to work.

Today I have a brand new hosed honey to show you. Her name is Jamie Quinn and she is simply amazing. Her beautiful eyes, seductive smile, full breast, firm round ass and curvy legs wrapped in pantyhose… well you get the picture. She is HOT! This first set features Jamie in a pair of lovely suntan Leggs Sheer Energy control top pantyhose. I love Legg’s Sheer Energy pantyhose. They are my go to daily wear pantyhose and you can see why. They are gorgeous and durable. Not a common combination in the world of pantyhose. Click here to see Jamie’s first picture set here at Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion today.

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Happy Fourth of July: Want to join me in the pool for a pantyhose pool party?


pantyhose slut in the pool showing off her sexy pantyhose

I love swimming in my pantyhose and masturbating outdoors for you.

Happy Birthday America! It is Independence Day here in the United States and there are many backyard BBQs and parties going on to celebrate. Tony and I are going to a pool party at Izzy’s house (sorry folks its not that kind of party) but before I go I wanted to show you what my kind of pool party is like.

So how would you like to join me for a dip in the pool on a hot Summer day? I bet you would love it. I love swimming in just my pantyhose. The feeling of the wet nylon in the water is amazing. I also like being exposed as a pantyhose slut too. The fact that I am outdoors being naughty where someone could catch me really turns me on. Want to watch me get my wet pussy off right here in the pool? Well ok… It is a holiday after all and everyone needs a little fireworks today. :) Click here to see all of the pictures in this hot set today!

Well I hope you have a phantastic Fourth of July holiday. I will be sure to post some pictures today on my photo blog. I didn’t get a chance to yesterday because we had kids all day but today we are kid free so I will definitely be posting pics. See you on Friday baby! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

Cori wants to play doctor with you in her sexy suntan pantyhose


Cori Little in suntan pantyhose

Want to give her a physical? I know I would. She is spread and ready to get really personal with you.

Good morning my pantyhose lover! I hope you are managing to keep cool during this massive heat wave. I haven’t been spending my mornings outside lately because even at 7AM it is nearly 90 degrees and that is too hot for coffee. But it is never to hot for pantyhose :) The only problem seems to be that I make the guys around me feel a little hotter than normal. Wonder why that is?

Well I am sure this isn’t what you are here for. You want to see what I have to satisfy your craving for sexy women in pantyhose. Well you are in for a treat. Today I have another set of the sexy Cori Little for us to have phun with today.

In this set Cori is in need of a check up and she wants you to be the doctor. Cori knows how much you love pantyhose and she is ready to get your blood pressure up a bit when she peels down her pantyhose spreads her legs and ask you to fuck her with your hard cock until she cums. Sound like a good time? Well click here to see all of this hot set of pics today.

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