Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion: The new office temp (new pantyhose pics)


Good Monday morning my pantyhose lover! It is time to start off another week of sexy pantyhose playtime with me and my girlfriends and I for one can not wait. I have a busy week planned for this week as far as my pantyhose phun with you goes. I will tell you all about that in my blog, but let’s get right down to business and step into my office to meet the newest temp in the sexy secretary pool.


Carrie Truman sexy pantyhose secretary office slut in black control tops

Carrie has really taken to the new office dress code. She loves to show off her pantyhose passion for all of us here and I think we should show her our appreciation. Let’s do her for lunch :)

Say hello to Carrie Truman, the newest hosed honey to join us here in the DDAF offices. This sexy siren knows the dress code here and is very excited to be a part of our organization. Oh you didn’t see the memo on the dress code? Well the basic rule is all women must wear pantyhose with no panties at all times. High heels are preferred but not required though flip-flops are forbidden. Oh and there is no limit on the heel height. Platforms, stilletos, “stripper” shoes… just as long as they can be worn with pantyhose they are fine for the most part. If you stick with sexy high heels you can’t go wrong. Super short skirts and dresses or leggins are also preferred though the occassional tight slacks or short shorts are allowed. Continue reading