Cori wants to play doctor with you in her sexy suntan pantyhose


Cori Little in suntan pantyhose

Want to give her a physical? I know I would. She is spread and ready to get really personal with you.

Good morning my pantyhose lover! I hope you are managing to keep cool during this massive heat wave. I haven’t been spending my mornings outside lately because even at 7AM it is nearly 90 degrees and that is too hot for coffee. But it is never to hot for pantyhose :) The only problem seems to be that I make the guys around me feel a little hotter than normal. Wonder why that is?

Well I am sure this isn’t what you are here for. You want to see what I have to satisfy your craving for sexy women in pantyhose. Well you are in for a treat. Today I have another set of the sexy Cori Little for us to have phun with today.

In this set Cori is in need of a check up and she wants you to be the doctor. Cori knows how much you love pantyhose and she is ready to get your blood pressure up a bit when she peels down her pantyhose spreads her legs and ask you to fuck her with your hard cock until she cums. Sound like a good time? Well click here to see all of this hot set of pics today.

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