Tootsie Tuesday: New HD pantyhose pedal pumping (video)

HD Pedal Pumping and Jackoff Encouragement

Jack off while you watch me work these pedals.

It’s Tootsie Tuesday and you know what that means. Another hot pantyhose foot fetish update for all you fans.

Today I have a very popular member request video involving pedal pumping and jack off encouragement for you. In this video I am doing a little pedal pumping while driving back from the shoots at the park. I am wearing a pair of sexy suntan pantyhose and a pair of tan peep toe pumps. Check out the sample clip then click here to watch the entire video and give me the hot load of cum on my toes that I am asking for.

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Well that’s all for now. I am going to be sitting on my live under the desk cam for the next hour or two so stop in and check out my pantyhose pussy. Also be sure to stop back in tomorrow for even more pantyhose passion. Have a great day and I will see you then. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Monday Mania: Welcome Isabella Petrova in black pantyhose (pic)


It’s Monday morning and time for to start another week of pantyhose passion with a bang! Are you ready? Well let me introduce you to the latest pantyhose loving lady to join us, Isabella Petrova.

This hot secretary loves to let you look up her skirt

Isabella looks stunning in her office attire… but she is even better out of it.

Isabella is simply stunning! This hot hosed honey is in the office wearing a simple black skirt, a button up blouse, a pair of cute black mules and a pair of shiny, silky, black sheer to waist pantyhose. Isabella knows the dress code for the office and embraces it fully. Using her sexy body to turn us on is job one for Isabella and she is great at her job. I personally am in love with her eyes. They look absolutely amazing. Tony used the word smoldering but I think that once you wrap this sexy vixen in pantyhose she goes from smoldering to inferno. Well at least she definitely gets my pussy inflamed. LOL. Click here to check out the latest from this hot hosed honey today.

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buy worn pantyhose from Dawn Desire and her friends

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Be sure to check out my photo blog for free candid pantyhose pics I shot over the weekend. If you missed my weekend tweets, on Saturday I went to a bbq over at Autumn Thomas’s house. We had a great time sitting around talking and enjoying the great food and a few drinks. Want to hear a sexy story about what happened on the way home? Well then continue reading for all the juicy details… Continue reading

A new HD pantyhose masturbation video shot in public (nsfw)

Fingering my pantyhose pussy in public

I love getting off in public in my pantyhose. I wish you had been there to watch me.

Hey there baby! It’s Friday and time for us to wrap up our week together with another hot HD pantyhose video. I think that should help you get your weekend started off with a bang :)

In this video I am wearing a cute striped top, a super short denim miniskirt, a pair of cork wedges and a pair of shiny suntan sheer to waist pantyhose. Tony and I were walking around the park scoping out places for me to shoot photos. There were a few people here and there. Mostly men cutting grass and stuff. I had a lot of fun flashing them shots of my pantyhose covered ass and pussy along with the occassional tit shot. I could tell that they were really enjoying it and to be honest so was I.

We walked around the side of one of the buildings and I told Tony to get out his phone and shoot a quick video of me masturbating right there on the overlook. It was impromptu and even though his phone shoots good HD video it doesn’t have image stabilization so it was a bit shaky but then again it was a candid moment with your favorite pantyhose slut. Tony had to crank up the brightness too because the sun was blazing on the background making it hard to see me so everything is a bit over exposed. I just wanted to make sure I was facing one of the guys who was cleaning carpets on the inside of the building. He really seemed to be enjoying the show. That is why I had an orgasm so fast. It really turned me on with him standing there watching me.

I bet you wish you had been standing there watching insteady. I would have given you a great show as well. Want to see the whole video? Well click here and watch me get off for you today.

Well that is it for now. I am sitting here on my under the desk cam showing off my pantyhose crotch if you want to crawl up under my desk and check out my pussy for a bit. I will be on here for a while tonight. Plus I am posting candid shots to my photo blog and on Twitter so if you aren’t following me be sure you check them out too.

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Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday with even more hot pantyhose phun! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Wicked Wednesday on New HD video

A pantyhose slut in the shower

I love a good shower massage

Good morning handsome! Today I have another HD pantyhose video for us to enjoy together. What?! Another pantyhose movie this week? I know, I know. I have been putting up a lot of video lately but I hope you are enjoying it.

In this video, I am getting ready to take a shower. I am wearing a pair of brown heels, my white terry cloth robe, and a pair of sexy coffee colored sheer to waist pantyhose. I start off in the bedroom then head to the shower. I get the water ready and then slip off my heels and robe. I climb in the shower and decide that I need to relax a little before I wash up. What better way to relax than a nice shower massage. But you know us naughty girls we have other uses for a shower massage. Watch the sample video then click here to see this hot and horny pantyhose slut get off in the shower just for you.

Well that is it for today. I am going to be out and about to day shooting some new video and photo sets for us to enjoy together. We are going to try going to a different park today since our old favorite is now everyone’s favorite. We can never seem to find a place where there aren’t children. Tony scouted a new place last week so hopefully this one will work for us. Fingers crossed.

Have a great day and I will be back on Friday with more pantyhose passion for us to share. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Tootsie Tuesday: A new HD pantyhose foot fetish video

Up close and personal with my sexy pantyhose feet

Happy Tootsie Tuesday! You know what that means. Another update for all of you pantyhose foot fetish fans out there. Today I have yet another HD video that has been a very popular request lately close ups of me in and out of my high heels.

As most of you know I love shoes, especially high heels. I am not a crazy collector, but I have several racks full of shoes. In today’s HD video I am going to be trying on several different pairs of heels and showing off my sexy size sixes in a pair of silky shiny suntan sheer toe pantyhose. The entire video is shot from a low angle so you can see my tasty tootsies up close and personal. Check out the sample video and if you would like to see more click here to see all of this pantyhose foot fetish video today. I’m waiting for you :)

That’s all for today. Stop back in tomorrow for another update from yours truly. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Monday on Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion: Amber Lee (new pics)


Good morning my pantyhose lover! I hope you are ready for a week full of pantyhose passion because I am looking forward to playing with you. To get things started off we have another hot set of pics from the uber sexy Amber Lee for us to enjoy.


Watch this horny hosed honey cum for you in her pantyhose

In this set Amber is wearing a pair of very sexy faux stocking fashion tights in nude, a matching tan satin bra and panty set, a cream and tan sweater, a corduroy miniskirt and a pair of sexy tan high heeled sandals. Amber Lee is one of those gorgoeus women who looks amazing in pantyhose. She is always one of those hosed honeys who is always horny. Amber gets so turned on when she poses for you that she just can’t keep her hands off of herself. She shoves her hand down her pantyhose and finger fucks her wet pussy for you as the camera flashes pop and it fans the flames of her pantyhose passion. Amber finally cums knowing that you are out there watching her and getting ready to spray your hot load all over her pantyhose covered body. That is what drives her over the edge the thought of you shooting hot cum all over her. So don’t keep her waiting baby. Click here and help Amber get what she needs today.

That is it for today sexy! Stop by my blog and find out what else I have planned for this week. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow with more sexy foot fun for Tootsie Tuesday. Muah — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Phun Friday: HD Pantyhose Video

Good morning baby! Thank God it’s Friday. I have had a long week and am ready for a break, but I probably won’t get one. We have had at least one kid at the house all week long. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies and want to spend time with them, but this week it seems I can’t get any mommy daddy time if you know what I mean LOL. Hopefully tomorrow when they all go to the movies we can have a little fun. I guess we will see. Today I am taking the kids on a little trip. I will try to post some pics to my Photo Blog and Twitter so be on the lookout for those. But before we leave I wanted to share my latest HD pantyhose video that has been a very popular request lately.

HD Pantyhose Blow Job

This popular members request video I am going to give you a sexy POV pantyhose blow job to completion. I start out the video wearing a black top, a black and white print skirt, sexy black heels and a pair of super shiny Aristoc Ultra Sheen pantyhose in suntan.

I walk up to you with a pair of suntan Leggs Sheer Energy and slip them over your cock. Then I suck and stroke on you for a bit while kneeling before you. I love sucking cock, especially when it is covered in pantyhose. Then I have you get a bit more comfortable and sit down on the couch while I continue sucking and stroking you while you fuck my face. Finally I finish up by fingering my pantyhose pussy while sucking on you until we both cum together. Mmmm… I love the taste of cummy pantyhose. Click here to watch this hot pantyhose fetish video in full HD today!

Well that’s it for now. Be sure to follow my Photo Blog and Twitter account so you don’t miss out on any of my pantyhose phun!

Oh and in case you missed the news you can now order my well worn pantyhose stuffed and/or creamed from my online store at So for those of you who would like to have a pair of my pantyhose that I have worn all day and then masturbated in or stuffed into my wet pussy (or even both) be sure to order them today. I can’t wait to cum in my pantyhose just for you.

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday with even more of my pantyhose passion for us to enjoy.— Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Wicked Wednesday: The latest in pantyhose office attire (pics)


Well it’s Wicked Wednesday here at Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion. Tony and I are going to go out and shoot a video today for Friday’s update. We didn’t get a chance to shoot outdoor pictures for today’s update though instead we shot a set showing what I like to wear around the office. If you read the dress code from Monday’s update then you know what I am talking about. :)


Dawn shows off her office attire nothing but heels hose and a blazer

Would you like to cum to work with me?

So what do you think? Would you enjoy working in an office with me. I know I get all of Tony’s attention LOL. A nice conservative blazer, sexy Leggs Sheer Energy sheet to waist pantyhose in suntan and a pair of dark brown classic pumps, and that’s it. No bra, no panties, no skirt, no top. I know what your thinking. “How do they expect to get any real work done? I would be all over her in a second.” Well when your work is pantyhose sex then you being all over me is just part of the job LOL. That is “real” work in my office. Well as long as the camera is rolling :) Click here to see all of the pics in this sexy set today.

That is it for now. I have to go get ready to go. I will think about you today while I am shooting. Are you going to think about me shooting for you? I hope so. Be sure to stop back in on Friday and catch the latest HD pantyhose video. I know it is going to be hot. Have a great day!— Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Tootsie Tuesday: HD Pantyhose Foot Fetish Video

HD Pantyhose Foot Job

Dawn warms Tony up with a pantyhose foot job wearing sexy suntan sheer toe pantyhose with cherry red toe nail polish.

It’s Tootsie Tuesday once again and time for another HD pantyhose foot fetish video for you.

In this video, I catch Tony jacking off with a pair of my dirty pantyhose. Some women would be upset, but not me. It turns me on for some reason. I have caught him a couple of times before and we always have great sex. You would think Tony would set me up and let me “catch” him but he still hides like a little boy LOL. Anyway, I catch him and tell him I can help him finish up. I decide to give him a little pantyhose foot job to get him good and ready for a roll in the hay. Watch the sample clip to get a taste of the video and then click here to watch the entire video today.

That’s all I have for today. Stop back by tomorrow for my latest picture set and I will see you again on Friday with another hot HD pantyhose video for us to enjoy together. Have a great evening! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion: The new office temp (new pantyhose pics)


Good Monday morning my pantyhose lover! It is time to start off another week of sexy pantyhose playtime with me and my girlfriends and I for one can not wait. I have a busy week planned for this week as far as my pantyhose phun with you goes. I will tell you all about that in my blog, but let’s get right down to business and step into my office to meet the newest temp in the sexy secretary pool.


Carrie Truman sexy pantyhose secretary office slut in black control tops

Carrie has really taken to the new office dress code. She loves to show off her pantyhose passion for all of us here and I think we should show her our appreciation. Let’s do her for lunch :)

Say hello to Carrie Truman, the newest hosed honey to join us here in the DDAF offices. This sexy siren knows the dress code here and is very excited to be a part of our organization. Oh you didn’t see the memo on the dress code? Well the basic rule is all women must wear pantyhose with no panties at all times. High heels are preferred but not required though flip-flops are forbidden. Oh and there is no limit on the heel height. Platforms, stilletos, “stripper” shoes… just as long as they can be worn with pantyhose they are fine for the most part. If you stick with sexy high heels you can’t go wrong. Super short skirts and dresses or leggins are also preferred though the occassional tight slacks or short shorts are allowed. Continue reading