Today’s Pantyhose Passion Update

So first I want to tell you about the problem I have been having with Instagram. I started an account there a while back and it got deleted. I don’t know why because they don’t tell me but I assumed it was because I violated their terms of service by posting pics that were to erotic for their service. So I created a new account and toned it way down. I monitored several other accounts to see what they posted and made sure that my posts did not exceed what they posted. I lasted a lot longer this time and was approaching nearly 1000 followers and 200 images posted but Instagram deleted me once again. I understand their Terms of Service and I thought I was following them and sticking within the allowable content. I mean I have looked at a ton of pictures on their site and I know none of my pictures went beyond what they have allowed other people to do.

I was really mad about having the account deleted. Tony told me not to worry about it he would figure something out and he did. Tony set me up a system using WordPress and various plug-ins that works almost the same way as Instagram. We have a short domain to use and we also have our very own URL shortening service at so that we don’t have to rely on anyone else for that either. The new pic blog at is compatible with both regular browsers and mobile devices.The best part is that I control the pictures so they won’t be going anywhere any more. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter or check out my new picture blog at to stay on top of all my hot candid photos. I provide all these pics for free so there is no reason not to check it out and follow me.

Ok so now that I vented about that I bet you would like to see some pics from today’s pantyhose update. Well the read more… Continue reading