Friday on Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion

Good morning lover! Today I have another hot high definition pantyhose fetish video for us to enjoy together. In this video Jasmine Fleur is wearing full body coffee sheer to waist pantyhose and a pair of very cute black heels. The always hot and horny Jasmine Fleur is in the kitchen waiting for you to get home from work. She was planning to fix a nice Italian dinner but changed her mind and decided to fix herself up for dinner instead. Care to have a taste of this hot pantyhose pussy? Then read on to see the sample video and find out more…

Jasmine serving herself up in full body pantyhose video

Click here to view the sample clip from Jasmine

Other news

Well things are back to normal as far as the site goes. At least as far as we can tell. We haven’t heard from anyone regarding any problems so I guess Tony finally got it all worked out. Three cheers for Tony D.

Spring Break is finally over and the kids get back to school on Monday so I can try to get some cam shows set up for next week and things can get back to normal around our house too. :) I missed getting to play with you this week. I hope you missed me too.

What else…  I haven’t set up a time for Amber next week but I think it will be on Friday sometime in the afternoon. Not sure but from what I can remember when we looked at her schedule she had some time then.

I guess now that the site move is completed and the kids are going back to school Tony can start working on the private cam software and try to get those going again. I really want to get that going again as soon as I can so that we can play with each other one on one. I had a great time with the few that I did but I don’t want to have any more problems with it so we are going to work on it a little more. Since that is all Tony’s thing I really can’t say more about it. If you would like more information on being a tester and getting a little FREE one on one with me in the process check out this link. We still need a couple of people who would like to play with me and help us out.

Oh and remember to follow me on Twitter and get even more pantyhose passion for FREE. I love to share my pantyhose with all of you. :)

Well that is all I have for this week. Be sure to stop in next week for even more. Have a fun safe and relaxing weekend! — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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