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Hey there baby! Ready to have some more phun with me and my girlfriends? I hope so. Today I have an update for you on from the lovely Autumn Thomas. This hose loving honey is going to show you closeups of her fresh red pedicure in her sheer black pantyhose. Autumn’s feet are so soft and sexy! I bet you would just love to lick, suck and sniff her pantyhose covered feet wouldn’t you. Read more to see a sample picture and find out what else I have planned now that the server transfer is completed.

Autumn Thomas shows off her red pedi in black pantyhose

You know you want to stroke your cock on these sexy feet :)

The sales pitch :)

If you love pantyhose feet or just pantyhose in general then you are going to love our sites. We offer more of what you want than any other pantyhose site on the Internet. Join us today! Remember when you join one of our sites you get access to all of our sites. Currently your membership includes,,, and all the content from the Autumn’s Pantyhose, Alex’s Playground and Classy Kaylee sites as well. There are nearly 200,000 pictures and almost 500 videos waiting for you inside. So join me and my girlfriends today and help us bring you the best pantyhose fetish site on the Internet.

Server Upgrade News

So the server transfer is complete. The other server has been taken offline and we have noticed a huge improvement in speed on the site. Tony spent a lot of time optimizing the server to be secure and efficient to protect your accounts and our content. Of course as time goes on he will be making changes to improve the quality of service you have come to expect from our websites. For instance, the default blocking lists for spam were interferring with the search feature in the galleries because many of the search terms would be considered adult spam on most servers. But not ours :) So he had tweak that a bit.

Also, some of you probably don’t remember your passwords and will wind up getting blocked temporarily because of it. Don’t worry we have made the blocks short enough to be a minor inconvenience, but long enough to slow down the password hackers. We will be restoring the default login with the captcha as soon as we get the Apache module compiled on the new server. So be sure to remember your password or request it from CCBill because you will need it again probably by the end of the week.

We also improved the video streaming through the use of HTTP Dynamic Streaming. This seems to have improved the quality of the HD video streams using our on-demand player. We have also noted an improvement in the Web Cam Archives as well. Performance all around is much better and I guess it should be considering the old site was operating on five year old technology (which in the world of computers is a dinosaur) and piece meal solutions or early adopter solutions to our streaming needs. Now we have some of the latest greatest equipment and a set up that works much better than before.

If you have ANY problems or notice anything funny please do not hesitate to contact me, we really need to know about it. On that note though I want to make it clear that Twitter is not where I do customer support.  Twitter is for me to be me and just talk to you about things in general such as my life, my favorite pantyhose, what I have planned for the weekend, you know fun stuff. I don’t want to deal with customer support questions there. That is why I set up a customer support site for in the first place. Besides I don’t know much about the technical side of things such as “why x happened” or “how come I can’t x” or “Why don’t you do x instead of y like you used to.” So I can’t answer your questions about anything that might even remotely be technical (such as when is the update going to be posted) because I write the text (like this blog) and a program handles the rest (such as the posting to the database once the files are completely uploaded). I guess I can get Tony to set up a Customer Support Twitter account. That might be a pretty good idea so I will run that past him and let you know.

A BIG Thank You!!!

I just want to say thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years and helped us grow to be the number one pantyhose website. With out you we couldn’t make this happen. I have been doing this for over 10 years now. Can you believe it? Ten years of pantyhose passion already gone past. It seems like it was only yesterday that Tony and I thought about starting this site. A couple of you have been member’s from the very beginning and I guess you have watched me grow up on the net. I went from a young, twenty-one year old single college girl to a thirty-two year old married mother of three in that time. I never thought it would go this far, but it has been an absolute blast.

Again thank you all for your patience, support and love of pantyhose! Together we will keep this site the number one pantyhose fetish destination for another decade!

The March “Get Lucky With Dawn” Giveaway winner is…

We are proud to announce that Bill K. won the drawing for the two pair of pantyhose used in my St. Patrick’s Day special. Bill wasn’t the first name drawn, believe it or not it actually took three tries before we found someone who was eligible and wanted to receive the prize. I do understand though that some people for whatever reason can not or will not accept this sort of prize and that is fine with me. Bill is a long time member and this was the first time I had ever made contact with him. He seems like a really nice guy and was delighted to have won. It made me feel really good to make him happy so I will be having more contests in the future. I might even change it up and do a custom photo set or something for the next one and include the pantyhose from the shoot with it. Does that sound like a good idea? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Amber Lee is one hot pantyhose slut

Amber Lee will be joining us here at Dawn Desire's Pantyhose Passion soon. Images courtesy of

Other News.

This week is Spring Break for the kids so Tony and I are going to be busy all week doing family things with our children. Well that i

s if I can get him away from the computer long enough. He promised me that the upgrade would be done over the weekend, but of course that didn’t go exactly as planned. LOL. I hope he decides he can at least see the sun a little sometime soon… I mean I don’t want him getting pale and fishy 😉

Next week I am going to try and get Amber Lee in here to shoot some sets and maybe some vide and also see if Alyssa wants to stop by and do some shoots/video as well. I love having my girlfriends over to show off in their pantyhose for all of us. It really turns me on.

Well that is it for today, I really can’t think of anything else to tell you at the moment. I hope you have a great day and I will see you tomorrow with even more pantyhose phun with another update from the lovely Alyssa LaRue. Until then remember…

Bare Legs Suck! It’s All About The Pantyhose Baby!


Dawn Desire XO

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