Today on Dawn Desire’s Pantyhose Passion

Good evening lover! If you are seeing this update then you are enjoying are brand new server. Sorry for all the problems we had getting everything transferred over but now its done. There might be a couple of touch ups here and there but I think Tony is about tired of messing with it all. LOL

So today’s update is a fresh outdoor set of me showing off in the park wearing a pair of very sexy black pantyhose with a lace tanga panty built in and no gusset to block the view. These are another of my favorite pairs of pantyhose and I think you can see why. Sexy, sheer, shiny and easy to show off in. :) Read on to see the sample picture and hear about the rest of the changes coming up this week.

Dawn Desire in sexy black pantyhose flashing outdoors

So the server transfer is now complete. It took Tony FOREVER and he still isn’t done. I sure do love that fact that he is willing to work so hard for all of us. 😛 I know it is over my head for sure. I know he still has some minor tweaking to do such as getting the videos to scrub correctly, restoring the login page and fixing some errors here and there that resulted from the updated security software. I am sure he will be picking away at it off and on all week. Since it is Spring Break though I am going to make him take some time off and spend a couple of days with the family. Everyone needs a break now and then and I think Tony has earned his. Of course we will keep the updates rolling in for you no matter what we do. :)

Well that is it for now I am going to go to be and see what I can get going for tomorrow. The kids are home all week so I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but I am sure it will be phun! Have a great evening and I will see you in the morning with more pantyhose fun for our mutual enjoyment. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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