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Hey there sexy! Glad to see you stop by today. I had a great time at the cam show last night. I love playing with you in my pantyhose. I have another cam scheduled for tomorrow night (Thursday April 5th) at 9PM EST that is going to be all about pantyhose feet for those who are lovers of that sort of thing. Lots of toe sucking and licking. I might even get to eat some cum from my pantyhose toes for you who knows?

Today though I have another hot set of pics of me in a pair of sexy suntan sheer to waist Legg’s Sheer Energy pantyhose, a cute little flower print dress, and a pair of sexy tan peep toe pumps. This outfit is the sort of thing I would wear to a meeting with a school teacher or a family outing. You wouldn’t know by looking at me when I wear this outfit that I am a total pantyhose slut 😉 but I can still show off in it very easily as you can see. I love showing off my pantyhose to unsuspecting people when I am dressed like this. They just don’t know what to think. Read more of this post to see a few sample pictures from this update and find out what else is going on in my world of pantyhose passion…

Dawn Desire in sexy suntan sheer to waist pantyhose

I love this outfit. I look cute and innocent and yet underneath I am still the same pantyhose slut I have always been. Baby I was born this way!


We are aware of a couple of new issues that are a result of the latest software updates on the server. Last week, as many of you know we updated a lot of the server software (Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc). This resulted in some features breaking and we spent a lot of time getting things back in order. Well apparently we missed a couple of things.

  • The zip downloads of galleries are being corrupted: We think we know what is causing it but we haven’t been able to fix it yet. To conserve bandwidth and speed page loading we use gzip/deflate to compress files before they are sent to your browser. Of course this doesn’t affect jpeg images, flash movies or other files types that are already heavily compressed. However because we use a php script to generate the zip file on the fly the server doesn’t realize that it is recompressing a file that has already been compressed and this is causing corruption in the download. We are actively working to get this resolved and hope to have it fixed by the end of the day.
  • The Live Web Cam shows are not being completely recorded: We have no idea what is causing this problem but suspect it might be because we switched from Tony’s laptop as the streaming computer to the living rooms HTPC. I don’t know why that would be making a difference but it apparently has. Tony tried to watch a couple of the shows last night and discovered the problem. Apparently it’s been going on a long time but no one has mentioned it. Tony thinks the last fully recorded show was back in September (which is about the time we changed computers). We will be using the laptop for tomorrow night’s show to see if that fixes the problem. The Under Desk Cam archives are complete and they run for hours so I know it’s not the server or the application. Sorry for the problem but now that we are aware of the issue we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Finally, if you EVER have a problem on the site please report it to us. We don’t mind at all. We work hard at trying to make our site the best pantyhose fetish site available but we don’t always surf each and every aspect of the site every day. We spend most of our time just keeping things up to date, shooting/editing new content, answering email and doing development, promotion and research. Without someone telling us that something is wrong it may not get fixed for a long time. Don’t assume someone else has already reported it or that we already know about it. Just contact us and tell exactly what problem you are having. Thank you for your help in making this site the best!
Amber Lee is one hot pantyhose slut

Amber Lee will be joining us here at Dawn Desire's Pantyhose Passion soon. Images courtesy of


I have been talking to Amber Lee (you may know her from about coming to model for us and she has agreed. Tony and I were shopping last month and ran into here. Turns out she lives in the area now and is still into pantyhose. Well we immediately asked her if she would be interested in joining us here and she said yes. We now have set up a time for her to shoot and are looking forward to adding Amber as our newest model. I included a few sample pictures (courtesy of our friends over at so you can see what she looks like. Of course these pics are several years old, but trust me she is still the same blond, leggy bombshell she was before. I can’t wait to see her again and I know you are probably looking forward to it as well.

As soon as we get some new pics of her ourselves I will be sure to post them here for you. So stay tuned.

As always if you are looking for up to the minute news you should follow me on Twitter. I always tweet pics and notices about cams and such so if you aren’t following my Twitter then you are missing out on even more pantyhose pictures. I love sharing my day to day pantyhose passion with you through Twitter and I  love the interaction between us. So follow me today and lets have even more phun together.

If you haven’t been be sure to stop in and check out the latest in worn pantyhose today. There is no better way to share my pantyhose passion than to have a pair of my well worn pantyhose to pleasure yourself with while viewing my pantyhose pictures and videos. Stop in today and buy yourself some pantyhose pleasure. You deserve it! We have pantyhose from myself and Alyssa currently but will be adding more as we get them. I have talked to Jasmine about bringing in some or her worn pantyhose and Honey is supposed to drop some off this weekend so be on the look out for those as well.

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow with a new update for — Dawn Desire XO

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