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Hey there baby! It’s Friday and time to get ready for the weekend. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day so today I am posting the St. Patty’s Day pantyhose video you have been waiting for.

This is the pantyhose video in which I stuff the pantyhose I am giving away for the March membership drive. I take a pair of green pantyhose with silk screened shamrocks and stuff them into my pussy. Then I cream all over them as I jill myself off for you. After a very nice orgasm I pull the pantyhose from my quivering pussy and suck on them a bit. Not to much because I want to make sure there is still plenty left for the winner of the giveaway. Click here to join me today and be entered for a chance to win both pair of pantyhose used in this video.┬áRead more to see a sample from the video and find out what else is going on around here…

Get Lucky with Dawn Desire Giveaway

Click here to view the sample clip for my Get Lucky with Dawn Desire video.

I ran a test of the remote cam on Wednesday where I got myself off with my magic wand in the truck while sitting in a parking lot. You can see the result of the remote test in the Web Cam Archives. As you can see the video came out OK (it was a little jumpy) but the audio didn’t work at all. Sorry. :(┬áTony is going to rewrite the software and lower the bit rate to see if we can make it stream better. It isn’t bad for a cell phone connection but it just isn’t good enough for me. I will keep trying because I think remote live cams will be a lot of phun.

Oh and speaking of live cams, Tony figured out the a work around for the Flash plugin for Firefox bug that was causing problems with viewing our streaming cams. He has it fixed for now until Adobe releases an official patch so you should be able to view the cams if you were receiving any errors or whatever. For those of you who are techies and would like the details on the problem see my blog entry about the issue.

Let’s see what else has been going on? Oh I spent the day yesterday on the Pantyhose House Cam watching the NCAA tournaments. I am a huge college basketball fan and have been since I was little. My team is the Kentucky Wildcats and they looked great last night against Western Kentucky. Yesterday when the Cats won I gave Tony a blow job to completion on cam then got myself off with my glass dildo through my blue seamless pantyhose. I haven’t decided what we will do next tomorrow night. If you have any suggestions for relating to what I should do on the cam if the Cats win/lose just submit a comment here, email me, or contact me on Twitter. We will look over all the suggestions and pick one of our favorites then you can watch me do it live after the next Kentucky Wildcats game on Saturday night. The game starts at 7:45 PM EST so join me and watch me cheer on my team in my sexy pantyhose.

Have a great weekend and I will be on one of my cams sometime today and of course over the weekend for the games. Then on Monday check back here for another week of pantyhose phun with me and my girlfriends. — Dawn Desire XOXOXO

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  1. I think you should get fucked doggie style then suck Tony’s cock clean while his cum runs out of your pussy and down your pantyhose thighs.

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